In order to be healthy everyone knows at least 3 basic rules: exercise, nutritious food and a proper amount of sleep. But what happens deeper?

Is it enough to follow these 3 principles to gain happiness and fulfillment? It doesn’t seem like it.

Our spiritual life needs to be nurtured to achieve balance, fulfillment and well being.

Through ZEN Yoga, we build a healthy practice that nurtures our mental and spiritual being. The objective is to incorporate ZEN practices to your lifestyle to find yourself in sync and harmony with your inner knowledge.

Each practice has been designed by Eganie with meticulous thought, love and intention, combining her intuitive coaching tools with her Yoga knowledge so that your experiences enhance your mind and soul as well as your body.


Eganie is a Hatha and Raja Yoga certified instructor. She gained her knowledge at Samye Dechi Ling Monastery and the Yoga Ashram in Gerona, Spain. Gained her Intuitive Connection Diploma with Mar Pelozo, Life Coach.


"Super impressed! I’m so happy to have done this session with Eganie, for some time I have been wondering about my life and path to follow and she helped me by pointing me on the right track. She’s truly gifted!"


"I have been practicing yoga in its various forms for many years and have yet to encounter someone more dedicated to the unique needs of every individual like Eganie. Her combination of methods and techniques really transformed my life for the better. The best yoga teacher I have ever had!"


"Eganie has a true deep empathy for others, I´ve tried all of her practices and will continue to do so. She has guided me through different practices to balance my energy and be more present. We focus on calming my anxiety with the breathwork and I've experienced huge positive results. I truly recommend this sessions to everyone but specially for people with anxiety or that are passing through a rough time "


“ I usually had problems falling asleep so I decided for the Yoga Nidra session. I don´t know how she did it, but I got so relaxed from just hearing her voice. I am now taking it as a regular practice, having at least 2 sessions a week. It's just life changing and great”