Love & Push from Experience

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I am a Mexican/Spanish woman that has lived in more than  22 houses, 10 cities, 5 countries & 2 continents without being a traveller.

 I have established in all of these places I ´ve lived in. From little huts in the jungle, to fancy apartments in London to Houses in Mexican cities to Penthouses in Rome. I have changed around 10 times of school, have studied 3 different degrees and have changed professions radically every time I´ve wanted. From Marketing, to Fashion Design, to entrepreneur, to Yoga & Meditator Instructor to Actor. 

Life has just given me the path and knowledge to discover that human race needs constant change, in order to evolve. Evolution = Change, we are dynamic, we shall not get stocked. Agriculture has played a mean role in our lives, through time that great discovery settle down along with fear. FEAR to DO, fear to continue our paths.  Change is opportunity, uncertainty is opportunity, and instability is FUN JOY and DISCOVERY, discovery of everything. Everything =  our own selves.  

In times of instability, uncertainty and change we most embody our ancestral beings to flow as it should, and continue the NOMAD default set up life style we are supposed to flow with. There is NO SEDENTARY BEING that can be fulfilled, realized, satisfied nor happy. 

People say “I am a master of the art of going light (no baggage) through life”,  Its true, I pursue to flow… I travel light, minimalistic, the less I have the richer I am, the key is no material attachments. That doesn’t mean I travel light in emotional baggage, no one escapes from that, not even me. And maybe the fear and emotional baggage is what keeps me going, is my fuel to not conform, to keep on evolving and discovering. By telling you my experience, I may give you the courage to be the most nomad you are meant to be, accept and confront change with tremendous bravery and most of all enjoy the unknown. Either is mental nomadism you need, to physical one. It doesnt matter as long as there is change and evolution.

with Love